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What is a Demo Day?

A "demo day" in golf is a scheduled event at which golfers in attendance have the chance to try different golf clubs and equipment. It's an event, to put it another way, at which golf club companies demonstrate their equipment to golfers.

Golf demo days are events put on by the golf club companies themselves, or by the hosting golf course, practice facility or pro shop. Sometimes the event is dedicated to the equipment of just one company, other times multiple manufacturers are represented.

Golfers who attend a demo day can try different shafts, different lofts, different clubs. And best of all, demo days are free!

How Useful Are Demo Days to Golfers?

Very useful! It's a way to try before you buy, and to experiment with different equipment. In addition, they can be a lot of fun. Demo days are one of the most effective tools for golfers to use to learn more about a wide range of equipment - and their own golf games.

Company representatives are often on-site to answer questions about equipment, and staff members from the host facility are often willing to provide quick swing checks and tips. So your game might even get a little help, aside from any equipment insights.

We will have an updated list of demo days by Month, Club and Manufacturer listed below here by the spring.

Feel free to email us at shop@clublink.ca if you have any questions or would like a demo experience from a vendor not listed.