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It's easy to trade in your clubs with ClubLink
Email us a request for a quote for the clubs you are looking to trade in or take your clubs to your pro-shop.
Email: Shop@clublink.ca and we will reply within 48 hours with a quote.
If satisfied with the quote, you can drop the clubs off at any of our golf courses.
The clubs must meet the minimum condition requirements to qualify for a trade-in and must exactly match the description provided in the quote.
Payment via ClubLink merchandise vouchers will be provided upon satisfactory same day receipt of the clubs.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Terms & Conditions: Trade-ins cannot be redeemed for cash. All clubs must meet the minimum standards of condition (detailed below) in order to be accepted on trade. Clubs with any of the following defects or deficiencies do not meet our minimum conditions and will not be accepted:

• Metal woods with cracks, dents, significant scratches, "sky-marks" or "pop-up" marks on the crown

• Irons or wedges with grooves showing excessive wear

• Any club with a shaft that is cracked or bent, has paint scratches, or is showing excessive bag wear

• Wedges with excessive sole wear or dings from rocks or cart paths

• Any clubs with chrome damage

• Iron sets that aren't consecutive (i.e. missing an iron causing a gap in the set)

• Iron sets must have a minimum of 5 pieces

• Purchase has to be of same value or greater value.