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Precision Play with Custom Golf Club Fitting

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Blue Springs Greg Pacenti [email protected]
Caledon Woods Andrew George [email protected]
Cherry Downs Andre Leblanc [email protected]
DiamondBack Joe Pacione [email protected]
Emerald Hills Brad Friesner [email protected]
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Hidden Lake Darryl Woodjetts [email protected]
King Valley Brett Beyba [email protected]
King's Riding Steve Hopkins [email protected]
RattleSnake Point Chris Forgan [email protected]
Rolling Hills Jon Larter [email protected]
Station Creek Angelo Greco [email protected]
Wyndance Kent Maxwell [email protected]

Grandview Raffaele Occhiuzzi [email protected]
Lake Joseph Matt Rouse [email protected]
National Pines Gary Armstrong [email protected]
Rocky Crest Mark Kerwin [email protected]

Eagle Creek Ryan Little [email protected]
GreyHawk Steve Jardeleza [email protected]
Hautes Plaines Dany Lacombe [email protected]
Islesmere Michael Muise [email protected]
Kanata Brent Deighan [email protected]
Le Maitre Erik Laframboise [email protected]
Rosemere Vincent Chacchione [email protected]
Please email your Club Master Fitter below to arrange a custom fitting appointment or email [email protected]

Getting custom fitted for golf clubs is a smart move to improve your game and ensure that your equipment matches your unique swing characteristics and preferences. Here's what you can expect from the custom fitting process:
Find a Fitting Professional: Look for a reputable golf retailer or golf club fitter in your area that offers custom fitting services. Many golf courses and pro shops have certified club fitters who can assist you in finding the right clubs for your game.

Assessment of Your Swing
: The fitting process typically begins with an assessment of your swing. The fitter may ask you to hit some shots using your current clubs or may use launch monitor technology to analyze various aspects of your swing, including clubhead speed, ball flight, launch angle, and spin rate.

Analysis of Club Specifications
: Based on the data gathered from your swing analysis, the fitter will recommend specific club specifications that are best suited to your swing characteristics and performance goals. This may include recommendations for clubhead design, shaft flex, length, lie angle, grip size, and other customization options.

Try Different Club Options
: During the fitting session, you'll have the opportunity to try out different club options to see how they perform. The fitter may provide you with demo clubs or allow you to test clubs from various manufacturers to find the best fit for your game.

Once you've narrowed down your options, the fitter may make further adjustments to fine-tune the clubs to your preferences. This may involve tweaking the loft and lie angles, adjusting shaft length or flex, or experimenting with different grip options.

Confirmation and Ordering
: Once you're satisfied with the custom fitting results, the fitter will finalize the specifications for your clubs and place an order with the manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer and customization options chosen, it may take several days to a few weeks for your custom clubs to be built and delivered.

Follow-Up and Adjustments
: After you receive your custom clubs, it's a good idea to schedule follow-up sessions with the fitter to ensure that the clubs are performing as expected. They can make any necessary adjustments or tweaks to optimize the performance of your equipment.

Overall, getting custom fitted for golf clubs can help you play better and enjoy the game more. It's an investment in your golf game that can pay off with improved performance, consistency, and enjoyment on the course.

Custom Club Fitting