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Golf Grips & Regripping Services

ClubLink offers a large selection of grips from major manufacturers in men's, ladies, and junior models.

Perhaps the most overlooked service available, re-gripping can make it feel like you have new clubs, your grips should be changed at least every year if you play 20 games or more.

Golf grips come in a variety of styles and materials. Determining the proper grip size is vital to allowing the golfer to maintain a firm, yet tension-free, link to the golf club. Grips are fitted for comfort, so that your hands and arm muscles are relaxed as you begin to take the club away. The requirements of both hands are considered in grip sizing.

Like all other aspects of our custom services, we go the extra mile ensuring your grip is right for you.

Please email us at shop@clublink.ca and we can connect you with your golf shop associate.