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TaylorMade Performance Labs unite the golfer, fitter, and advanced technology to deliver golf’s Ultimate Fitting Experience™. The synergy between Golfer, Fitter, and Technology lies at the heart of TaylorMade’s Custom Fitting philosophy.


From a selection of over 1,000 custom and stock shafts, as well as every clubhead TaylorMade has to offer, you won’t find anywhere with more options available to test on-site.

Based on the data gathered on the MAT-T System, and the trained eye of a TaylorMade Master Fitter, players are then tested to validate that they have correct fit.

Next, using the latest in proprietary TaylorMade Launch Monitor Technology, launch conditions are tracked, dialing in the ideal spec, just like out on TOUR.


After the specs for your new equipment have been validated, the TaylorMade Performance Lab will ensure that your product gets ordered promptly, and built correctly.

Working with our Authorized Retailers, our Concierge Service will assist in placing the order on their behalf, walking it through the building stages, and arriving to you with the fastest turn-around time in the industry.

After you have received your new clubs, the service does not end there. All TaylorMade Performance Lab clients are welcome to book complimentary follow-up time to check or adjust any specs as needed on their new equipment.


TaylorMade is also proud to offer the Straight to the Tee Program, which offers TaylorMade Performance lab clients the opportunity to have their custom fit Driver and Putter built right on-site.

In less than 10 minutes, our Master Fitter can custom build a Driver or Putter using the same processes and technology used weekly on the PGA Tour on our Tour Truck, a boutique service not offered anywhere else in Canada.


Note: ClubLink Members receive discounted rates from the listed prices. Email us at shop@clublink.ca to book an appointment or for more information.


This comprehensive Metalwood Fitting is what we at TaylorMade are known for. Our R&D department has used extensive data provided by the MAT-T System to help make TaylorMade the #1 Driver and # 1 Fairway Wood in Golf.

In this session we use the MAT-T system to look at more than just launch numbers on a few select shots, we’ll dive deeper into how your swing delivers a metalwood into the ball.

Using hundreds of custom and stock shafts, and every metalwood head TaylorMade has to offer, players leave this session ready to hit their longest clubs with more distance and accuracy than ever before.


This comprehensive fitting for an iron set is part of the reason why the best players in the world play TaylorMade Irons.

With over 500 different iron shafts in varying flexes, lengths and materials, added to every available TaylorMade iron head, the options are dizzying. In this session the player will use the MAT-T System to learn how the correct set up of all variables will see them hitting more shots closer to the hole more often.


Choose from any two of the above selections and combine them to create a more cost effective fitting session.


Our most popular TMPL package! A deeper dive into set make-up allows the player to have clubs all “work” with one another blending the feel of all golf clubs to be one in the same.

Careful thought is used to match Driver to Fairway, Fairway to Rescue, on to Irons, Wedges and Golf Ball recommendation with the Putter being the last piece of the puzzle to be fit.


Often referred to as our “sleeper” package, this comprehensive Putter Fitting uses the MAT-T System to determine the best style and spec of putter for a player.

Dating back to the development of our Pure- Roll Insert, Ghost Alignment High Contrast Finish, Spider High MOI and Counter-Balance Technologies, the MAT-T System has been instrumental in helping our players sink more putts.

In this fitting session, the player will be tested for what head type and spec allows for the best line and distance. Launch and Roll Conditions are measured with our proprietary MAT-Ti Launch Monitor.


This package is designed for individuals and PGA of Canada Professionals alike who are looking to use our MAT-T technology to establish a baseline for a player’s golf swing. This data can then be used for planning future improvements, and/or subsequent monitoring/quantifying of improvement in a player’s golf swing.

Following closely to the original R&D purpose of the MAT-T system, by tying “numbers to feels and visual images”, 1 hour on the MAT-T system has been equated to 10 hours the range, no matter the player’s learning style.

This session is designed for Instructors to Host their students at the beginning, middle or end of a lesson/coaching series, but is open to all golfers to pursue with our own staff, who can match up prospective students with qualified PGA of Canada Professionals upon request.


This session is aimed at the new, beginner player looking for their first custom fit set of golf equipment. The answer to these frustrating questions are revealed in this relaxed and informative 1hr session where the player’s physical make-up, current (if any) swing dynamics are taken into consideration as to determining the best course of action and delivers core basic specs.

This allows for the best length, lie/loft, shafts, weights, and grips to help develop the player’s game now, and where it can be down the road. For players needing assistance in finding an instructor, our TMaG network of Staff PGA of Canada Professionals are ready to help.

To learn more about what to expect and where to be custom fitted for TaylorMade clubs, please email us at shop@clublink.ca .